Specular reflection makes no sense?!

19 January 2019 09:25
Im looking at a mesh with a point lamp behind it…why do I see this ridiculous nonsense specular reflection?
Any help, much appreciated :-)

22 January 2019 19:25
I think this is a limitation of the engine (lights and shadows are simplified). See:

You can try using a different lamp type, disabling specular, using Distance + Sphere parameters, or baking.
24 January 2019 13:38
Hi B4L

Phanx for reply

  • try using a different lamp type same problem
  • disabling specular but I like the specular reflection on the other side of the object, the side facing the light source
  • using Distance + Sphere parameters not sure how to do this, do you have any examples?
  • baking not sure how to do this, do you have any examples?

  • Thanks again

    24 January 2019 20:07
    Well, I don't know of a way to actually get rid of that artifact, so these were more general tips to get decent results with the engine.

    Using different lamps (and maybe more than one lamp) and also setting up the scene/camera/lighting/angles in such a way that it "looks good". Usually, you would not put the camera behind an object facing a light source on the opposite side.

    "Sphere" cuts off the light beyond the stated "Distance". This may help in some cases.

    Baking is a way to completely (or partially) circumvent using B4W lights - you let Cycles render everything (or certain aspects)

    and then put the result permanently on the textures, so you already start the scene with correctly lighted objects. Unfortunately, baking lights and shadows is problematic if objects (or lamps) move in the scene, and it looks dull particularly with respect to specular/reflections because reflections change with camera panning/movement.
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