Possibility to fade out objects?

27 January 2019 18:01
i am trying to make objects disappear/appear in my project. I tried animating the node value of the alpha channel like that
but its not working. Is there any other way, then removing the object?
27 January 2019 20:13
You need to fix the image link in your post; always link directly to the image file and not the image host's page

This was your node setup, and it's correct!

its not working
It works for me, so it must be your other settings. Under the Object Tab, set the object to Animation: Apply Default Animation with Loop, and under the Material Tab, set the material to Transparency Type: "Alpha Blend". Put your keyframes on the value input and now the fading should play nicely in Fast Preview.
27 January 2019 20:54
It's working! Thank you Blend4Life.
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