Shiny material in b4w

06 February 2019 18:56

I need to create a shiny material that can be adapted with 2 different environment (cycle and blend4eb) without changing the parameters.
I already dveloped diffrent materials that can looks the same in 2 different environments but when it comes to add metallic effect, in the cycle it looks darker and has diffrenet effect. can we arrange it in someway without changing the lights of the envrionment like using a node that one of these engine doesnt support?
If yes, where can I send my files?

Thank you so much
06 February 2019 20:15
You will never get an exact match of Cycles rendering in B4W, only an approximation. If you could post your .blend file, we could try getting closer to that nice shine on the Cycles example.
07 February 2019 12:34
Can you please leave me an email address?

Thank you
07 February 2019 19:25
Yeah, it's my username at
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