Fallout RobCo Terminal (+Escape Room Game)

14 February 2019 20:34


Someone asked how to simulate typing on a computer terminal in 3D, so I was thinking of doing the famous RobCo terminal from the Fallout videogame series.

The terminal is fully functional and you can type on it, but first you need to find out how to activate it!

If you don't know Fallout, it's a game series set in a radioactive wasteland 200 years after nuclear war, featuring mutated plants, animals, humans ("ghouls"), and creepy abandoned underground shelters which were nuclear powered and thus still function, including their robots and terminals. Technology is retro and bulky, and people are still into 1950s music and fashion.

Update: Fixed a problem which crashed WebGL on Firefox when ENTER was pressed; blocked browser's native BACKSPACE key function.
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