Blend4web Quality Settings (Please help)

16 February 2019 18:56
Hi all

So I have a built version of my project that I have deployed but I see when you deploy through the project manager the settings tab completely disappears. The quality settings is a much needed feature for my project.


I have read somethings but no luck as of yet

Thanks for your time.
17 February 2019 21:27
when you deploy through the project manager the settings tab completely disappears.
What is the settings tab? Do you mean the bar in the webplayer?

17 February 2019 21:33
Yes that one that you attached
17 February 2019 21:46
Hmm… I created a test project of the "Web Player HTML" type with the Project Manager. This created a project where everything is embedded in a single HTML file. I then deployed that project and a zip was created. I started the HTML from the zip and got this:

I see a quality option with H/U/L, presumably for High, Ultra and Low. Can you say which project type you created your project under? There is Copy, Compile, None, Webplayer JSON, and Webplayer HTML.
17 February 2019 21:52
Copy. I made a custom pre loader just so you know.
17 February 2019 21:56
But if it's a copy project, you don't get the webplayer stuff with the bar, right? I mean, when I make a "Copy" project, I just get the Cube with standard controls (enabled by m_app.enable_camera_controls() in the load_cb). I don't get this Webplayer functionality.
17 February 2019 22:01
Correct. So I guess my question is, can I enable that function?
17 February 2019 22:13
But you said the webplayer settings "disappeared". How did you get them in the first place if it's a Copy type project? When you make a Copy type project, there is no option to run it in the Webplayer, is there?
17 February 2019 22:23
No sorry I meant if you export an HTML in blender then you have the option but through the project manager it isn't there. Sorry
17 February 2019 22:44
Oh, I see what you mean now.

You made a Copy type project and then exported that as a stand-alone HTML. It didn't occur to me because usually the reason for making a Copy type project is to be able to have custom code in your project, and then you would not export as an HTML because it will not contain your custom js. I guess. I never really tried that. I think if you have a Copy project, let's say with HTML buttons, or preloaders, or Javascript callback nodes, all that stuff will not work in an exported HTML. Is that right?
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