Material- Color Animation

18 February 2019 22:36
Hello, I am new with Blend4web and Blender and I would like to know how to create an animation which changes the color of a specific material. I don't know which steps I should take and I have tried to use keyframes but this doesn't work. Thank you very much.
18 February 2019 23:58
Actually, you can use keyframes to animate color, but you should use a Node Material, and then put the keyframes on a value node or an rgb node. You should also set the animated objects to: Animation->Apply Default Animation->Loop under their Object Tab (you must be in Blend4Web Render Mode to see these options), so that an animation plays when you run the scene.

Check the attached blend file. You can run it directly by clicking "Fast Preview".

Read the Manual entry: Animation of Value and RGB Nodes

You can also use Logic Nodes to animate lots of things, including color. Nodes are very good for newbies because you need no coding and they can be used in direct-to-HTML-export. And of course, with Logic Nodes you can directly program the behavior of animated stuff in the scene - when does it animate, e.g. when users click a certain button, how long does it animate, etc.
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