Blend4Web 15.06 Released!

30 June 2015 19:19
If we used the traditional way to name versions of our framework, then we would call this release "Blend4Web 2.0" - that's how important the features implemented this time are! Among them, you will find the interface thoroughly revised, the new normal editor, support for all Blender's shading models, proper handling of Cycles nodes and many more…
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03 July 2015 07:34
B4W 2.0 most certainly, they have all been fun and useful releases, but this is next level for sure.
03 July 2015 09:54
Check out our brand new Mass Reexporter - it was implemented based in your feedback!
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03 July 2015 23:25
There's a lot of good stuff in there, that's for sure, the mass exporter is going to be very handy from here on out. My project time for computers is on hold while bikinis are appearing on the beaches, but that will only last for so long, then i'll be back for my next major home project for the rainy season…

I will read up on the new stuff in the meantime.
29 July 2015 00:30
I love the new updates, lots of new things to play with. It would be neat to see the Material example within your demo environment. I think helps visualize the lighting and shading on your objects before you even create them. It would help users pick the settings without having as many trial and error passes.
29 July 2015 11:24
we're actually working on the solid materials library I think it will do the trick - the user can see the material in the web scene, take it from the blend and tweak it the in any way :)
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