Browser error?

20 February 2019 21:10
Hi Guys!
What's the mistake?

Left side image: Firefox console
Right side image: Chromium console

New install OS. (ubuntu 18.04 - 64bit)
Chromium browser version: 71.0.3578.98
Chrome version: 72.0.3626.109
Firefox Quantum version: 65.0
Blender: 2.79b
Blend4Web version: 18.05

I don't understand … what is the solution?
Thanks in advance
Best regards - stewet Hungary Blender Community Site
02 March 2019 20:24
Hi Guys!

+ info for hardver

Help me please!!!

- Memória = memory
- Processzor = processor
- Grafika = graphics
- Operációs rendszer típusa = Operation system type
- Lemez = hdd

nVidia driver info:

Thx, thx, thx… Hungary Blender Community Site
02 March 2019 21:12
I've never seen this error before, but it says "OUT OF MEMORY".

Maybe you could attach the project so others can test if they get the same error?
05 March 2019 23:54
Thy Blend4Life!

Project zip file Hungary Blender Community Site
06 March 2019 00:45
I could not reproduce the error. This is a small, simple project that should run on anything, therefore I assume this is a hardware<->B4W problem, some old bug they overlooked. That graphics card is 10 years old. You can report this in the bug forum, but it looks like we're getting no more support and everything is massively spammed.
06 March 2019 23:58
Thanks Blend4Life!

I work on the problem, I hope I can solve it.

Unfortunately I need to replace hardware… Hungary Blender Community Site
10 March 2019 20:43
There is still a problem, but it can be managed. No OUT OF MEMORY message. The solution:
I replaced the operating system - Linux Like 19.1 - and not using the nvidia drive, instead of the xserver-xorg-video-nouveau. I hope I can work this way for a few months now … then hardware replacement. Thank you for your comment!
(Unfortunately I didn't try it out in ubuntu 18.04. - nvidia instead of xserver) Hungary Blender Community Site
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