"Quick view" button

14 September 2015 01:31
It would be great to have a quick view button, above where the [Development Server] "Stop"/"Open SDK" Panel is located.

This could export the html to the Blender tmp folder, and then run the browser - or in the case of the SDK, it might export to a pre-defined "Current Scene" folder.

This would be one step/click, rather than the user having to do an Export .html, and then load up the page ( two steps/many clicks ).
14 September 2015 10:42
This is a nice suggestion. Thank you. Most likely, such a button will be added.
15 September 2015 22:48
Very cool - that would def help let people experiment a lot faster / try out more Blend4Web features.
28 October 2015 20:59
This functionality was implemented in 15.10 as the "Fast Preview" button.
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29 October 2015 07:50
This sounds great. Using a multi screen setup, I usually have the browser open in one screen. It would be neat to click one button and have it update to my most recent changes.
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