Minko Engine

14 September 2015 16:49
Hey guys, round of applause for the amazing progress you all have made over the year its amazing (i love your node logic!!) . My wife came across an open source sdk you guys might be interested in looking into. Aparently this minko engine takes native c++ code and targets various platforms especially web. I thought you guys would like to look into how they are compressing the javascript because i just saw that simple scene video of susan the monkey made in blend4web coming out to 25 mb and in their video from 2012 you can see they took 85 mb scene with 500,000 poly's into 3.5 mb that loads in 4 seconds on adsl 10mbps. ( view video @ 4 min :47 seconds )

We attempted to contact minko engine about the minko studio but it is deprecated and they are making a blender plugin .. Maybe you guys can come together, you both seem to have the same goal while you are farther in the integration with blender, they seem to be farther in the compression. Any way once again i dont know too much of what im talking about so just thought this might be usefull knowing the engine is open sourced!
15 September 2015 10:31

Thanks for suggesting this, I've looked at this engine and found it interesting!
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15 September 2015 22:42
16 September 2015 23:15
Here is the github discussion me and my wife opened with the lead developer . They have decided to open source the plugin
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