Missing properties options

16 September 2015 13:00
I'm trying to install the new version of B4W and the 2.75 blender version.

I don't have any error message when associating the SDK to blender. I can export in json and html and I can see the Blend4web Normal Editor.
My only issue is that I can't see any options in the property panel. I tried to install/uninstall multiples versions.

My precedent version of B4W (15.05) is wokring on the 2.74 and 2.75 version but I can't get the property options with the 15.08 or 15.07.

I didn't find other subject on this little problem, can someone help me with that please?

Thanks in advance
16 September 2015 13:19
Hello and welcome to our forum!

Did you enable B4W engine here?
16 September 2015 13:23
I'm an idiot !
At least I explored all the software parameters :p

Thank you a lot Pavel !
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