Home Page

25 September 2015 05:31
Here is the Home Page project I have been working on.
I will probably continue to add features as I learn them.
One hurdle for a home page like this is the amount of time it takes to load while the person has nothing to see. I could use an iframe but that interferes with the way page redirects work. Has there been discussion on some kind of pre-loader for the default HTML exported projects? As it is, the pre-loader starts only after the files have been downloaded to the local machine.
Maybe we could make a default player application that has a basic pre-loader (download progress) and loads up the basic camera controls etc. Then a non-programmer can just replace the example JSON export files with their own JSON export files. This would also be a good place for amateur programmers to get started.
28 September 2015 18:40
Just thoughts: looks nice to me!
Pretty fast and optimized, but stylish and laconic at the same time

And about the water - you're welcome
28 September 2015 23:15
Yes, you recognize your handiwork. It is the same water you posted Here.
Very awesome water! I think we need to start an asset library for things like this.
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