Particle Instancing

10 October 2015 22:44
Hiya. I did a particle instance as per the user guide, but it is not showing up in the HTML - the object is "Palm_Plane" and I'm using calm on it. It shows up nicely in Blender but doesn't export. It also gave me a serious error message when I exported it once, but I didn't take a screen-shot so that's a moot point - if it happens again I will post it. I have done everything I know I should, but knowing Blend4Web I may just be missing a checkbox somewhere. Could you please check and give me a shout?
12 October 2015 10:53
You have a negative scale on emitter, apply it or set a checkbox near the "Apply scale and modifiers" option in object settings. It will fix the problem.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
12 October 2015 11:56
Hi Mikhail, I'm using Blender 2.76 RC2 and Blend4Web 15.09. Just to clarify, there is a crescent of palms that are mesh objects (which I wish to replace) and then the particles should give me 4 rows of palms on the ramp up to the building - those are the ones that are not showing up. Anyhow I just downloaded the 2.76 official release. Maybe that works (although all my computers are tied up for a couple of days now on a project, so I'll check when one is free and let you know). My thanks also to Pavel - I appended his water plane to quickly show a client while I wait for the bug fix on that :) Thanks for your reply!
12 October 2015 13:05
Sorry it was my mistake, I missed a right emitter with palms in scene, I already find the solution of your problem, you can read it above.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
12 October 2015 13:52
Oh! Don't know how that happened! But thank you so much for the answer Mikhail. I will check it. I love Blend4Web and a lot of people are getting excited about the potential. Excellent work and great support. Thank you very much
12 October 2015 16:04
Thanks for the such good words.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
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