CG Event 2015: 28-29 November, Moscow

26 October 2015 17:27
Blend4Web Team is going to participate in CG Event 2015 which will take place in November 28-29.

Anton Khalembakov will tell you about the workflow: how we use Blender and Blend4web for creating web apps.

Evgeny Rodygin and Mikhail Luzyanin, the authors of the Pyatigor Tale, will focus on game development: key moments, organization, optimization and more!

And, finally, me and Mikhail Bezzubikov will answer what?, where?, when?, how? and why? questions about visualization part! Also we'll present you some notable scenes that have already been made and tell about its specifics.

And, of course, we'll answer all your questions and show you everything you'd like to see about Blend4Web

All annotations are in Russian, we hope they will be translated soon!
27 October 2015 12:34
This major conference is like Russian SIGGRAPH, so we invite everybody to Moscow. Please take warm clothes with you, there will be pretty cold .
10 December 2015 16:08
Here's our team!

Photos from CG Event coming

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