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18 October 2018 15:53
Browser error always occurs when you have not removed your history in a long time or cleared your cache. It happens when you have too much stuff on your web pages. Visit Mozilla Support for information.
08 October 2018 15:38
There is no more animation like in iOS 7 and 8.
If I hit the Home button, the Home Screen appeared like a flash. No more animation of unzooming. It happens with iPhone 5s,iPhone 5s, iOS 8.4.1, Space Gray (16-GB). I recommend you to visit iTunes error 14
05 October 2018 13:26
Mixed reality gives clients a chance to communicate with virtual multidimensional images and genuine questions inside their physical world. Despite the fact that this is the thing that augmented reality does. Augmented reality works in conjunction with headsets and/or digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and even PCs. Dell Error Code 0xc0000001 gives you the tips on how to use new software or technologies on your system.
28 September 2018 10:34
Even if you have upgraded the drivers from Nvidia and have graphics card bur the Mac has higher resolution than a normal PC so it is bound to run in low resolution in a PC than a Mac. For information visit Apple Customer Service Number
28 September 2018 10:24
You need to follow these steps:
1. Open Safari browser.
2. Click on the "Safari" tab and choose "preferences".
3. In "General" tab, in "default web browser" choose "select".
3. Find in applications "Google Chrome"
For further information visit Apple Customer Service Number