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23 июня 2021 13:05 [ON MODERATION]
An entrepreneur contacted me to write posts for his accounts. He is involved in real estate, over the years he regularly published photographs from various objects and meetings and sometimes accompanied them with short captions. That is, his audience KNEW what he was doing, SEEN it for a long time, but practically did not become his clients. The task was to fix this, and during the first months we received several large orders, made some useful acquaintances, and improved relations with subscribers. How did this happen?

We revealed my client as a professional, constantly posting interesting insights, tips and stories from personal experience.
They wrote about what is interesting and useful to its target audience - business, investments, personal effectiveness.
We constantly involved readers in the discussion, asked their opinions, argued, shared useful knowledge and contacts.
In addition, we revealed him as a person - publicly shared goals, results, failures, favorite films, life stories and stories about family. Or use reddit essay writing service. This format creates a three-dimensional image of a person in the eyes of his audience. A real person, just like the reader. These are not just lifeless pictures, they are stories, emotions, weaknesses and thoughts that we can share, feel and understand. And all this already creates some attitude in the reader, and in some way he knows you. And then everything is completely simple. People prefer to buy from those they know, whose results they see, and those who appeal to them as a person.

And that is why text is a powerful tool that should never be underestimated. He is capable of influencing emotions, propelling action and communicating ideas, among other things. At the same time, it does not require huge investments or extra efforts. In fact, everyone can learn how to manage their accounts, at least not bad.

And if this is relevant for you, then here are 3 main steps to start with:

Understand why you need it at all? What do you want to achieve with your texts: get new customers, "warm up" the audience, increase sales, create an image, increase the number of subscribers, make new acquaintances, and so on. Set a clear goal.
Find out exactly who your target audience is and thoroughly study it. What does she want, what is interesting to her, what language she speaks. Ideally, find people in a niche similar to you and explore what content their audience responds to best.
Come up with columns and topics that you will write about in such a way that both the audience likes and helps you achieve your goals. After that, draw up a content plan, at least approximate, when and what you will write about.
If we talk about the text itself, then:

One post is one main point. Just one.
The very first phrase should catch and interest.
Break the entire text into small paragraphs. Required.
You can add emoji. This is not necessary, but it makes it easier to understand.
Less water. If you can delete something from the text, delete it.
Be sure to add a call to action at the end. Direct the reader to leave a comment, send to friends or save to yourself.
And the most obvious thing is that the text should be useful to the reader. Educate, entertain, let you get involved.