From childhood to childhood,

27 June 2018 04:53
From childhood to childhood, we have already known many famous sayings. Some of the famous quotes are to encourage us to study hard; others are to let us read the books; others are to let us know that we should be polite, knowledgeable and honorable Marlboro Lights. Everyone should remember what Chairman Mao said: "The humility makes people progress Marlboro Menthol 100S, and the pride makes people fall behind." That is, it gave me a lot of inspiration. Do not believe? Then listen to me slowly.I remember that my grades continued to fall as I was approaching the upgrade exam in the second semester of the fourth grade Marlboro Red 100S. It broke me up. So, every day I go home from school, as soon as an assignment is finished, I immediately read the book. Did not expect to be quite effective, I actually got the first class in the final exam. Suddenly, I was ashamed. I proudly handed over the report card to my grandmother and said: "This is a piece of cake. It would be okay to give me ten more." But when I was proud, my grandmother poured cold water on me. "Pride is lagging behind. You can't be so proud." Although I nodded at the time, afterwards Marlboro Cigarettes Price, I would regard it as the wind in my ears. This is not the case. I took the first monthly exam in grade 5, and 10 points were deducted in the English light written test. And mathematics that I usually do best only scored 93 points. Language has not yet been tested Newport Cigarettes Price. After returning home from school yesterday, my grandmother opened my schoolbag and saw a large score of 93 written on the mathematics exam paper. She fired: ��How do you just test this score? How can you be worthy of your class teacher? I don't think it's right. You see, it's a drop in grades, and it's still the number one!"
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