Сообщения, созданные пользователем Brian Kumanchik
07 июня 2016 22:14
Cool, have you seen these?


07 июня 2016 21:31
Hey Yuri,

How about some keyboard control nodes for the next build - I'm really loving the logic nodes.

03 июня 2016 22:57
Thanks, I'll try this and thanks for the Gratz
03 июня 2016 21:53
I'm just trying to create a random number between 1 and 3 (an integer). can I force it to integer?

Also does Operand 1 and Operand 2 need to be 1 and 2 respectively or 0 and 4 I'm a little confused by the description in the doc.

The way I currently have this setup it doesn't seem to be triggering one of the three routs.