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22 июня 2016 10:46

22 июня 2016 09:58
У меня некоторые объекты при экспорте в html оказываются черными, без текстуры. (material/shading/emit=1)
В чем ошибка в моем случае?

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21 июня 2016 10:16
Спасибо! Исправил, получается.
Я испольую пока программу апрельского месяца.

20 июня 2016 10:19

Я стараюсь моделировать хутор, (земля и здания).
Почему при экспорте в .Html обьект (земля) деформируется?

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18 августа 2015 12:28
Thank You, Roman!
Youre last example makes excellent picture! But works only for one wall.
I adjusted focus settings for earlier variant, it seems quite well.

Inserting sound channel in . json stay the problem for me. I use speaker object, but exported . json is without sound.
My system: Acer AspireV 13, LinuxMint 17
Here is my attempt with voice.
12 августа 2015 11:15
Thank You, Roman!
You made, that I needed!

Further problem is to find the method for better adjustment of camera.
I put sound in .html bacgriund. I was not able put sound in .json.

i hope- You have some good ideas for camera adjusting?
10 августа 2015 07:33
Thank You!
I understand, I must export .json. This step i passed!

But next step - insering .json in html is sad.
I know network and local work of browser and can laod your exaple96 with cube.
But I have texture, camera animation and physiks of objects.
Application examples 24.2 and 24.3 too simple for me?

Must I I use "24.4 Developing Apps Within the SDK" for generating html?

Now I am konfused. I read:
"Option "-p" points at the name of the directory where the project is."
What is the project? . Perhapse /deploy/assetsTMy project? Or project.py?
"Option "-a" (not necessary) points at the html file relative to which the app will
be constructed."
Is it Html lik 24.3 "Creating Apps Quickly"?
"With the "-b" parameter (optional) the engine’s directoryable options: link (default) - the engine file is linked from"
What is engine?
05 августа 2015 11:54
Thank You!

But the camera in Your room(1).blend after export to .html moves in all my three browsers in Linux Mint out from room,
keys W,S,D, A

My browsers:
Firefox 36.0.4.
cromium 34.0.1847.116 Built on Ubuntu 14.04, running on LinuxMint 17 aura (260972)
Chrome Versioon 41.0.2272.101 (64-bit)

04 августа 2015 17:35
Thank You - Evgeny!

You write:
You need to enable Object Physics flag on the camera and create some static physics objects on your scene which you don't want the camera to pass through.

I have made so, of course! But without success, some two days experiments.

I put here attachement my .blend
04 августа 2015 11:57
Good day, Masters!

How can I prevent to moveing camera through the mesh (walls of simple box)?

In BGE I used
Camera: Rigid Body, Actor

In Blend4web I tried:
Camera: Rigid Body
Cube: Static, Ghost, Id: FURNITURE, style Eye.

and many other variants,
without success.