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18 сентября 2015 12:27

This task is more about server interaction rather than Blend4web API. You can easily extract camera position from Blend4Web scene and send it with POST message to the server. What is going to happen on the server side is a completely independent story, but I think it's not a very complex challenge to write a script for setting camera position in Blender

Thank you very much!
This is a very good info to start with.
I will dig into API to understand how to interact with POST variables and search for Blender server-side scripting.

Thank you.
18 сентября 2015 11:02
Hi Will, thank you for your reply.
I know that blend4web use WebGl to render and I need to bake to textures to archive a realistic effect.
What I am looking for is the possibility to use Blend4Web as the front-end interface to enable a user to "manipulate" a simple 3D scene without teaching blender interface to everyone.
Inside the Bled4web 3d scene there will be a button to render the scene on the renderfarm online with command line and scripting.

Hope I better explain my question.
Thank you
17 сентября 2015 11:43
Hi all,
I am new to blend4web and trying to understand all the features.
I was asking myself if there was the feature to sync blend4web camera with the ".blend" file because I would like to use Blend4web as front end viewer and render online with cycles.

Thank you.