HELLO !blend4web

23 March 2017 08:57
Blend4Web CE and PRO version of the difference between where? I see that the CE version is free, but the new project is a 404 page, is this part of the PRO version only? If so, what is the function of the PRO version? Can achieve a simple operation to achieve changes in the loading page?
Blend4Web CE和PRO版本的区别在哪里?我看到好像CE版本是免费的,但是新建project是404页面,是否这部分功能只在PRO版本之中?如果是的话,那么PRO版本的功能到底是怎样的呢?能否实现简单操作实现loading页面的更改?

webgl newbee
23 March 2017 09:59
I take back my problem, I have solved it.
webgl newbee
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