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19 июня 2017 17:41
Официальный дилер Chevrolet в ОАЭ опубликовал на своем сайте 3D конфигуратор автомобиля Camaro.
Ссылка на статью.
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22 мая 2017 11:51
At last I found the way and it was more a problem with the documentation than anything.

Good day and thank you for pointing out this problem. We will update the documentation as soon as possible.
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01 февраля 2016 16:58
Да, нужно включать Cyclic Emission и Apply Default Animation одновременно. Этот раздел документации слегка устарел, мы его поправим в следующем релизе. Благодарим за замеченную неточность.
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19 января 2016 11:18
Good day.
For now, HTML export doesn't support physics, so you should probably use JSON export instead.
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12 января 2016 12:29
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14 декабря 2015 17:40
Yes, as Mentalist said, when you are using Logic Editor, you can simply ignore red lines.

As for your other question, you may try to use one Switch Select node with four sockets instead of four with one socket each.
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11 декабря 2015 15:48
Спасибо за замечание и за тему. Ошибка будет исправлена к следующему релизу (мы как раз серьёзно перерабатываем документацию)
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27 ноября 2015 12:20
On 25th November, the Italian Banks' virtual museum project MUVIR (Museo Virtuale della Banche in Italia) was presented at the Italian Banking Association headquarters. The presentation was attended by Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Dario Franceschini, Association's President Antonio Patuelli and Vatican Museum Director Antonio Paolucci.

The goal of the MUVIR project is to put on display an entire collection owned by financial institutes that are members of the Association on the Internet. The project's technological partner is the visualization technologies research center VisitLab. Using only open source software such as digital archives management framework Codex, Blender and Blend4Web, a user will be able to automatically generate Personal Virtual Galleries (PVG) in 3D.

The project will give users the ability to create their own virtual galleries containing showpieces from the digital archive, and will also give the general public an opportunity to attend the museum's specialized exhibitions.

The MUVIR virtual museum will be open to the public next spring.

VisitLab's press release.
Italian Banking Association's press release.
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26 ноября 2015 10:56
Good day.
If you don't need your object to collide with anything, you can just leave physics for it turned off.
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24 ноября 2015 11:36
Have you tried using simple material, without nodes, just with textures? (view attachment)
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