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Blend4Web CE

This distribution allows you to develop 3D web applications. It includes developer tools, simple usage examples and the full source code under the General Public License. This license requires sharing the source files of your products.

Download (version 16.09.2, 1.3 GiB)
Blend4Web PRO

This software is distributed under the license which is most suitable to use in commercial projects. Additionally, it contains source files of business ready solutions presented on the Made With page. You may create 3D web applications without sharing their source files.

Product page
Blender Add-on

Although the Blender add-on is included in the Blend4Web SDK distributions, it can be installed and used separately as well. This option suits users who need only HTML export or tools such as the normal editor. Please note that some SDK features (Scene Viewer, Project Manager, Fast Preview) along with source files of the examples and tutorials are not available. The add-on is licensed under the GPL.

Download (version 16.09.2, 4 MiB)
Getting Started

Please find the instructions on how to install Blend4Web in this section of the User Manual.

For more info including video tutorials please refer to the documentation page.

Blend4Web Release Cycle.
Source Code

Blend4Web is open source software and does not depend on any non-free components or cloud services. The full source code of Blend4Web is included in the SDK distribution and also hosted on the public GitHub repository.

System Requirements

Blend4Web SDK works on the following platforms: Linux x32/64, OS X x64, Windows x32/64.