Web Player

Simplest Way to 3D Web

The Web Player is an easy-to-use application designed specifically to embed interactive 3D models in web pages. Included both in Blend4Web CE and Blend4Web PRO, this simple yet powerful application allows you to display any 3D Web content from standalone models to complete scenes on your website.

To extend the functionality of your Web Player-based applications even more, you can use the visual programming tool called Logic Editor and create complicated scenarios right in Blender without involving programmers.


Options That Meet Your Needs

Web Player-based applications can use one of two formats: JSON and HTML.

The JSON format is very flexible and ensures best possible loading speed and overall performance as well as low maintenance costs.

On the other hand, HTML files are self-contained, so that they can be viewed both online and offline in common browsers and thus are best suited for sharing your 3D content by e-mail, USB drives or file hosting services.

In any case, you can provide your customers with unified and easily accessible 3D Web experience.

Start Using the Web Player Right Now

Get access to the Web Player from your SDK right now using the download page. Find out more information on Web Player features in the documentation.