Blend4Web Community Edition (CE)

Open Source in Its Core

Blend4Web CE is a free and fully-featured solution which allows you to create open source 3D web applications.

The key features of Blend4Web CE are:

  • You can use it free of charge for any kinds of applications.
  • A completely open source solution.
  • Available under the industry-accepted General Public License.
  • Supported by active Blend4Web Community.
Share Your Work

GPL license is all about sharing. Anybody (including your competitors) can legally install your solutions developed using Blend4Web CE on their websites to be used for their purposes. Thus, this option is best suited for non-commercial use, such as for educational purposes, research projects, prototyping, portfolios, etc.

This general rules are applicable when using Blend4Web CE:

  • you may use Blend4Web for free, but
  • you must share your solution source files, and
  • anybody can install and use your app on his or her website
Software Development Kit (SDK)

For fast and easy installation we provide the Blend4Web CE SDK which includes everything you need for application development.

Also we provide reduced version of Blend4Web CE as a standalone Blender add-on.

Download Blend4Web CE Right Now

Proceed straight to download page and start using Blend4Web CE for free.

If you need a professional solution suitable for enterprise applications, consider using Blend4Web PRO instead.