WebGL: 3D Graphics Online

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WebGL: Bringing 3D Online

A few years ago, online 3D content was just an experiment. Today, it is one of the major trends of the modern Internet with new applications being released daily. Among these apps are not only simple demos, but also fully-fledged 3D product presentations and configurators, video games and even development tools.

Interest in 3D Web rises not only from its novelty, but also thanks to its versatility in commercial uses.

New Level of Engagement

Interactive 3D presentations allow users to not only see something, but to experience it. A user can change camera view, trigger animation, swap materials on a model or configure it in other ways. The user is no longer merely a spectator, but rather becomes a co-creator. Materials look especially realistic when viewed in motion and interactivity allows your customers to focus on the parts which interest them most. No video can achieve this level of engagement.

Established Standard

WebGL is an API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within web browsers. It was officially recognized as a graphical standard in 2011, and has since been adopted by all browsers on all platforms including most mobile devices. Today, WebGL is a stable and robust foundation for creating online 3D content. It allows you to deliver rich 3D experience via the Internet without the need to install any additional software.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Any WebGL application can be run on any modern operating system or platform. You can view WebGL content in common web browsers - no additional downloads or installs are required.

Using WebGL makes 3D web development much more convenient. A developer is no longer required to build a separate application for each and every platform. Once completed, such an application will work equally well and will look exactly the same on every computer or device.

Blend4Web: Embrace the Power of WebGL

In order to make working with WebGL as convenient as possible, we have created an easy-to-use yet powerful solution. Our goal was to develop a tool for anyone to have the chance to bring his or her ideas to life.

Using our tool, even entry-level programmers and 3D artists can create an immersive 3D experience with ease. While a professional team of programmers, web designers and artists can develop a project of any complexity to rival the most sofisticated desktop applications.

Find out more on how you can use Blend4Web for creating professional WebGL applications on the corresponding product page.