Blender: the Powerful Open Source 3D Editor

What is Blender

Blender is a professional 3D computer graphics suite developed by the non-commercial Blender Foundation based in Amsterdam. As stated in its mission, the Foundation strives "to give the worldwide Internet community access to 3D technology in general, with Blender as a core". Blender can be effectively used both by small studios and large companies and is recognized as one of the leading solutions in the realm of 3D graphics.

Why Use Blender

The Blender community consists of millions of artists and is an invaluable source of tutorials, examples and other useful information which helps a newcomer get a quick start. A team can easily find a Blender artist for a project on the job market. He or she will be able to start working with Blend4Web right away as everything is done in Blender.

Although Blender is professional open source software, it is completely free of charge. It works perfectly on Windows, Linux and macOS. The user interface is fully configurable and supports all major world languages.

Blender includes everything that a typical 3D pipeline needs: modeling, animation, rendering, physics, simulation, compositing and even positional audio. This means that a model or even an entire scene can be created solely in Blender. Extra features can easily be included as add-ons. Therefore, with Blender, you no longer need to worry about purchasing various expensive programs for specific tasks.

How This Relates to Blend4Web

In the beginning of its development, Blend4Web was intended to be used as a tool for creating WebGL content within Blender (hence the name). Nowdays, Blend4Web is a complete, integrated 3D Web solution of which Blender continues to be a key component. Both teams cooperate closely with each other to ensure compatibility and reliability. Our company is a diamond-level contributor to the Blender Development Fund while also dedicating full-time developers to work on Blender features.

All our services related to Blend4Web also cover Blender itself. This means you can get technical support, training and consulting in using Blender as well.

Start Using Blender and Blend4Web Right Now

Proceed to the download page and get a compatible Blender version to be used along with Blend4Web.

For more information on Blender and services provided by Blend4Web, please contact us.