Integration and ОЕМ Licensing


For companies taking their first steps in using 3D Web technologies, we offer a full range of services which will allow you to build the infrastructure necessary for this from the ground up. This includes the area of software, hardware, legal, human resources, etc. We will take on the responsibility and implement a robust solution which will efficiently serve your needs for years.

Particularly, we can provide assistance in integrating Blend4Web into your existing infrastructure or application.

Please contact us to find out more about integration services we provide.

ОЕМ Licensing

The standard commercial license forbids using Blend4Web to create any developer tools, frameworks, website builders, kiosk software, etc. In other words, we do not allow the creation of products which are not intended for end users. Please consider purchasing an OEM license for such cases. Contact us for pricing and conditions.

Engine Customization

Blend4Web is an all-purpose 3D Web solution offering a full set of functionality for creating a wide range of applications starting from product configurators to online games. However, sometimes very specific cases arise which require implementing additional features in the core of the Blend4Web framework. We are glad to consider adding any features to Blend4Web at your request, so that the framework can provide functionality for your projects out of the box, without the need to develop or maintain separate modifications.

Please use this online form to request implementing custom features in Blend4Web.