Training and Consulting


You are enthusiastic about 3D Web technologies but don't know where to start? In that case, we offer expert assistance for your team.

We advise in outlining architecture, installing and configuring the engine, build up the asset pipeline and help your programmers to catch up with the API.

An experienced Blend4Web developer can participate as an expert in your project throughout its development. If necessary, we can assist you in finding developers and 3D artists for your team, either full-time or freelancers.

Please contact us to request consulting services.


Technical support is very effective in providing direct assistance to your developers who are working on particular projects. But what if your team is just starting out with Blend4Web (or Blender, or even 3D graphics)? In this case we are ready to provide all necessary training for your team members either remotely or in office. Coaching is conducted by experienced instructors from the Blend4Web team.

Training may be a much more cost-efficient option for acquiring knowledge and skills especially if you have many employees to train. We will develop an educational course specifically for your needs so that your team can start working in the field of interactive 3D Web graphics as quickly as possible.

Please contact us for additional information.