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13 November 2014 00:28
I am looking into adding functionality to the movement style of the camera. I am working with large models (several meters long) when I export using Blend4Web I would like to implement a horizontal and vertical panning option to a scene camera that is using a "Target" movement style . I did notice the "Eye" camera movement style has a panning option if one presses the A and D option but is only on the horizontal axis (not to mention the type of movement for the "eye" its not fitting my needs and the controls don't work on mobile devices). As an example of the kind of movement that I am looking for look at the following link:

Notice that with a right click one can pan the camera on current x and y axis of the camera.

Lastly, support for using two fingers on the mobile device for panning its a must. I would really appreciate some direction with this. I know I am asking a lot but all the major competitors that i know of have already implemented this panning functionality. Look at the following examples:



This competitors are not open source and do charge quite expensively. I think it will give a lot of attention to Blend4Web (and Blender too) to develop and integrate natively this changes and in the custom properties window on blender.
13 November 2014 10:32
Hi Miguel,

This feature has already been requested and we agree that it is really important one.
In the next release we are adding "Hover" camera, which will act like the one in the most strategy games.

As of panning the target camera. Probably this functionality will also be available later this month in Blend4Web 14.11.
14 November 2014 21:06
This is excellent news. This will be very helpful. Let me congratulate the development team for always being on top of my questions and at all times providing guidance and recommendations. I really appreciate it.
15 November 2014 09:24
It's always our pleasure!
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18 November 2014 19:25
Yes these are very nice features looking forward to the new 14.11 version

Also the developers are to be commended for their swift responses and listening to feedback.
18 November 2014 19:43
We're happy to help!
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