page redirect object transparency

08 November 2015 04:35
First of all… I have to say, love blend4web… already loved Blender but now even more

The "problem" I'm having is as follows:
I have an object with glass (material) and behind it is a object with an image. Now I would like to place transparent objects right in front of the glass so it it seems as if when you click on certain points on the glass you get an page redirect. It works but I can't set the alpha of the transparency lower then 0.5 or the redirect doesn't work but this means I have a grayish transparent object in front of the glass.
Is there a way to get it completely transparent?

FYI: no json… export to html
08 November 2015 14:55
Hello and welcome to our forum!

You can definitely do that. Just specify "Do Not Render" option for your selectable object to make it invisible.
08 November 2015 18:14
Thank you very much Alexander. That worked like a charm
Should have thought of that myself but hey, what can I say, I'm a noob
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