One object onoff toglle to play animation in logic editor

13 November 2015 15:19
I use logic editor onoff to play animation ,but not run ,According to the analysis, should be able to run, do not know what the problem,I test many times.

The Screen:

The Node:

The Blender File:
DLD the blender file,click 下载(853KB) to Download

How fix it ,PLZ help me, Thanks B4W Term!

13 November 2015 17:43

I don't think I understand correctly what behaviour you want to achieve, but I tweaked some options: made loops from "misses" and enabled Logic Nodes panel under Scene tab - it wasn't enabled, so logic didn't work


13 November 2015 19:52
I'm sorry, I didn't express it clearly.
I mean:
When I press the onoff button (as the switch lights), the ONOFF pointer of the instrument panel will make the appropriate action.
16 November 2015 12:15
Oh. You didn't add fake users to actions and they were lost. And I didn't check about it, too.

Send your file one more time, and use, if possible, our "Attach" button
Seems like the hosting you used earlier already deleted the file.
20 November 2015 06:53
The problem is still not solved, I don't know how to use users to do it fake。
I aready attached my source file , need help me fix it thanks a lot!
20 November 2015 12:39
This button adds action a fake user

I don't get your logic system. I'll just fix one action: if you press the red button, the red pointer will rotate. Change other actions analogically

So, I deleted all the NLA strips, turned ON Logic Editor under Scene tab and renamed your actions so it'll be easier to understand. And I changed the top line of logic tree that rotates the red pointer after pressing the red button.

Also I muted second logic tree so it won't interfere - when you'll need it, select it and press M button.

OnOff1 (2).blend

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