Any tricks to display clear text?

17 November 2015 19:01
Hello guys!

I must build an online viewer for my company and I need to display lot of text. The company has very strict corporate design rules so I have to use a specific font. Everything works fine but the text appears a bit sluggish. (See image)

I know that it all depends on the size of the text, the distance from camera, plane angle, etc but I would like to know if there a way to setup texts that will always appears clearly no matter the size of the windows or the browser used?

Any idea?

Thank you!!
17 November 2015 21:31

Text can be a very tricky stuff. The best results can be achieved by using 2D HTML elements above your 3D content. This is because such text will be rendered by the font rasterizer from your OS. This resterizer will do some hinting/subpixel aa to make your text look sharper.

In 3D there always be some blurriness and noise see for example Heli demo.

However in your case there may be some other issues which make you text look worse. Can you provide us with some link or source so our artists can check out?
20 November 2015 21:28
Sure there you go!


Also I'm using the MetaPlus font

MetaPlus font

I'm not sure it's embedded in the blend file.

23 November 2015 11:24
Try to use a texture with a text instead, it must look better
24 November 2015 16:06
Much better hehe :P Thanks!
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