copy objects with canvas_texture

19 November 2015 10:03
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use canvas_texture to dynamically load text on to an object. This is working fine as per the code snippet examples.

I am now trying to copy the object and then apply different text to each object, but during a copy have no way to specify a different name for the texture of the copied object, so setting the text of the canvas texture applies to both objects. Is there a way to copy the canvas texture as well or should I be making multiple objects with different canvas textures and just loading them when I need? This seems like it might be more inefficient?

19 November 2015 14:26

The canvas textures aren't copied, when you copy an object. But this feature is already in our TODO.
24 February 2016 14:25
Hi Roman,
we are working on the same topic presented by Ben.

In particular:
we have one material(which has a canvas texture slot) applied to different objects.
We are trying to change the canvas texture source image to display different texture on the objects, without having to create different canvas texture slots.

Summing up, we would like to have different textures loaded dynamically(every object has its own) with the same material applied.
(you can find a screenshot in the attachment)

When will this feature be ready? Are you going to work on this soon?

Best regards,
24 February 2016 15:19
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Ben asked about canvas texture dynamical copying. It's available from 15.12 release.
You should use a unique material for each object. Or you can use dynamic copying if the objects have the same geometry.
24 February 2016 15:35
Hi Roman,
thank you for your quick reply.

I think our question is different from Ben's one, so I will try to explain in other words our problem.
Let's say we have "cube" and "sphere", both with "plastic" material applied.
"Plastic" uses a texture node with "texture_canvas" as canvas texture.

We would like to dynamically apply "texture_canvas" to "cube" with "image source 2" and "texture_canvas" to "sphere" with "image source 2".

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you in advance,
24 February 2016 16:00
In your case, you should use a new material for each object.
25 February 2016 14:47
Thank you Roman,
at the end we followed your suggestion and we manage to obtain the wanted result.

If I can, I'd like to suggest this improvement for one of the next releases: it could be very useful to control every object in the scene with a single material :)

Thanks again,
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