The Music of Junk

21 November 2015 00:02
I am drumming the trash kit for the next three nights in "The Music of Junk"

It was opening night last night and someone secretly filmed the opening song and posted it online, so here it is! VIDEO HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN AND THE PIRATE WHO RECORDED IT HAS WALKED THE PLANK.

21 November 2015 21:27
Pictures from last night's show can be seen at
where I am known as the "Sesame Street Muppet Show drummer"

23 November 2015 10:49
Awesome! Is there a legal video anywhere?
23 November 2015 11:01
I am not aware of any legal video as of yet, but I imagine one will arrive soon, as the shows were all recorded in audio and video and a hundred thousand photos.
23 November 2015 19:01
Most impressive!
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04 July 2016 17:18
It is cool, how you have created that music instruments.
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