Hotlinks from selectable objects

21 November 2015 01:37
I cannot find the info about making a selectable object a hotlink. I know how to with JSON but how do I do it with a B4W HTML export?
21 November 2015 05:18
Hi trepaning,
You can do it with logic nodes. Look at this video:
21 November 2015 13:31
That's what I needed, thanks. Made the sign a hotlink

Was unable to make the PLANE that the sign is a hotlink, so placed a rescaled cube over it that does not render and made that the hotlink.

Could not make the Plane or the Cube glow an outline.

B4W folks: The Page Redirect node could use target options like _blank
21 November 2015 13:44
In this project, for the "Home' and 'Main Map' links, I made the letters and the background plane into hot links. There is not much chance to see a glow but the red flags on the map are links that have a glow.

Nice trash drums by the way
21 November 2015 21:31
That is really cool!

I will get plane hotlinks and glow happening eventually, not much time to figure it out for next couple days, but it will happen!

Thanks again for the useful info, I subscribed and look forward to more tutorials from you.
24 November 2015 12:14
@WillWelker : can you confirm that your panos are mapped on a sphere, but not used as environment maps? I want to make something like that but without any image fisheye effect ( when you rotate it deforms the pano )
24 November 2015 16:38
I do map them to a sphere. But in some cases you can alter the shape of the sphere to reduce distortions. For example if your spherical image was taken on a flat plane with no objects like trees or buildings right next to you, flatened out sphere mesh can give good results.
Have a look at this video:
The shape I am describing is shown at about 10:20 in the video.

You can achieve different effects by changing the camera mode to 'Eye' or reducing its range in the 'Target' mode. Also by making your sphere larger it seems to reduce distortions. But you are in effect making a 2 dimensional image on the inside of a sphere and sort of tricking the view to feel like it is 3d. It can look good but it won't be real 3d. There will always be some distortion.
24 November 2015 16:55
Nice video, thank you;
I'm happy to see I'm not alone to search such things; I've already made photosimulations/integrations on 360 photo/panos using cycles environment mapping ( which is not distorted when rotating) .
I've seen it's possible with blend4web example "forest in fire ", with environment mapping, but I can't manage the mapping of this texture (I don't know how).
I've made it with a cubemesh ,that's perfect: no distorsion at all. I've found a trick to get a good resolution texured cube , the .blend is downloadable there :fabkzo's panocube
25 November 2015 02:22
Very nice cube. I think the distortion is partially due to how the camera moves. In your sketchfab mode, the camera pivots on its location to look around, similar to the 'Eye' setting in Blend4Web. With the camera in 'Target' mode, the camera pivots around a central target. This means that the camera is in essence, moving side to side which will reveal the 3d aspect of a scene (or lack of 3d in the case of a photosphere). I have chosen this because I insert 3d objecst into my scene and a camera in Eye mode would not show a 3d object, it would appear flat. This is like if you look at a tree with one eye and hold still, you get no 3d perception but if you move side to side you can perceive the depth.
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