Build b4w.js

19 November 2014 14:55

I'm trying to add some additional features to the controls.js file, but can't get my changes into the webplayer app.

I guess controls.js is included within the b4w.min.js file, but I'm currently struggling with building the b4w.min.js file. Does a Makefile for building it exist?

Thanks in advance
19 November 2014 16:41
Hi Steffen,

We intentionally did not include our Makefile because it contained a lot of unnecessary options. However it is now cleaned up and will be available for the future releases. You can wait a week or check it out right now (being registered Blend4Web developer you can access the early developer preview).

make compile_b4w && make compile_apps 

to compile the engine and applications (including the webplayer)

You will need Java installed for running Google Closure compiler and of course a UNIX-like system.
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