Problem with export (scaling)

27 November 2015 23:16 #5416
Hi everybody,
I would like to express great appreciation for this instrument that could save my thesis :)

But I have a problem.
When I export my model from blender to html, some objects of my model change scale (Z axis).
where am I wrong?
Thank you!
28 November 2015 05:45 #5417
If you scale your object on one or two axis, you should apply scale. If you scale your object on all axis evenly, this is not necessary.

Shortcut: ctrl-A click scale.
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28 November 2015 21:21 #5425
Wow! Oh man thank you so much,
you save my next thesis review
03 December 2015 13:07 #5613
i have faced same issue some time back , Will Welker given best solution .. Thanks

18 January 2016 22:29 #6655
great tips
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