How can i open an .html format from blender to my mobile browser or chrome and mozilla?

29 November 2015 06:00

when i open my file it just hang on loading- 97% (Firefox) and when im on my phone browser nothing shows, while in chrome, it finish the loading but shows all white and says rats webgl hit a snag. what should i do ?

Attached herewith is my file in .html format that i need to open in my browser. please help. Thanks :))
29 November 2015 07:55
Hi aldine,
I don't see any file attached. You can use the 'Attach' button in the lower right corner when you post.
A few questions:
Are you able to export anything at all? Like just the default cube?
It might also be more help to attach your .blend file rather than the HTML
Also, if you want, check out this video on a basic overview of Blend4Web:

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