Blender Artist looking for Java Programmer to make games with Blend4Web

01 December 2015 23:17
Hello everyone, my name is Jeannot Landry, I am a 3D Generalist and freelancer. I teach Blender amongst other apps on Digital-Tutors now known as Pluralsight.

I am looking for a Java programmer to team up with to create "small" fun games with this amazing HTML5 addon (Blend4Web). I speak and write both French and English, so if you speak and write one or the other it is fine. If you are interested you can either reply here or directly to my e-mail:
02 December 2015 10:34
Hello Jeannot, nice to see you on the Blend4Web forums!

You might also want to post this on the WebGL Jobs website. Good luck with your project!
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02 December 2015 18:03
Thanks Yuri :)

I am looking for a partner, not necessarily offering a job, but it might come to that eventually If I cannot find anybody :)

I do use BGE logic bricks to create blender games and I am eagerly awaiting that the Blend4Web add-on logics can do the same. Already the new features added every update is on the right track to do something similar. If it becomes to the point where I can create games without code, I will do that ;)

Keep on the amazing work ;) This is a new milestone for blender in my opinion ;)
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