NLA Script Slots - where?

07 December 2015 10:01
Where are the NLA Script Slots located in newer versions of Blend4Web?

Last time I used them was v14.09

Now I can't find them and "buttons" in old projects also do not work anymore.
07 December 2015 11:17
Hi Nils,

The logic editor is now node-based. You can read here on how to enable and use it.
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08 December 2015 09:38

What is that "Child Element"?
08 December 2015 10:18


What is that "Child Element"?
If you have an empty with dubli group in it all elements in this group will be the child, so here you need to choose empty name then add a child elements if you want to manipulate them.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
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