25 November 2014 16:34
Guys guys.. i have stumbled upon someone developing a great tool that seems very relevant to bridge blender and web so i thought of posting it here for you. Below is the link to the forum post and video demonstration apparently he is converting logic bricks into python modules, and since i know theres python to java converters i thought this could take blend4web one step further to being an out of this word project and recognized by blender foundation for funding your wonderfull team! I know that people who dont know how to develop shouldnt develop, but i understand that if everyone could make web apps without knowing code they would even purchase your addon along side you being funded the same way they fund other developers in the foundation. Dont attack me if im retarded as hell hahaha thought this was worth the share since he is developing as i type (he waited for 2.72 for new actuators)
25 November 2014 16:35
25 November 2014 17:13
Thanks for sharing this.
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