functionality similar to an mp3 player

09 December 2015 07:03
similiar in the sense being able to display and browse through a local file system - and project that media file (image, webm, video, pdf etc) to a canvas texture.

Is that even possible? The only part Im not sure about is displaying/accessing/playing from local files. Any tips on where to start?
10 December 2015 02:45
Im happy with being told that its a dumb question, cause Im really unsure of its feasibility with out using Unreal4 at this point.
10 December 2015 09:57

Sorry for late reply. Web browsers normally are not allowed to access local files (Same-origin policy). However, you can run a local web server with which your browser web app will communicate, as we did with our Project Manager.
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15 December 2015 17:25
This makes more sense to do it locally. Thanks :)
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