more examples

16 December 2015 03:57
I'm not finding the resources I need from the B4W SDK. Dose anyone have a link to more examples ?
16 December 2015 07:57
Take a look at this overview video and see if it is a step in the right direction.

I have done a few others that may help you get started.
16 December 2015 19:48

I've watched your videos and learned much. I very much appreciate your no nonsense approach to teaching.

More examples to deconstruct.

Many people could learn from your style of videos, things like:
Speak clearly, Good audio, no background noise.
Talk slow but not too slow.
Don’t talk with your mouse. Only move your mouse when needed. Your audience are not cat’s chasing a laser dot.
Stay on point don’t digress.
17 December 2015 14:47
I think Will creates videos which are both high-quality and helpful. I really enjoy watching them and learn much about de facto user experience. Keep up your good work, Will!
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