Art made of art :-D

18 December 2015 00:11
I've been playing with Blender for a long time, and Blend4web is an astounding development- thank you devs for your awesome work- you've opened the doors to whole new possibilities!

Figured I would share some of what I've been doing with it.

I've started making some sketches to begin exploring. I put them up on NEOcities (makes me nostalgic for the old GEOcities days- has it really been 20 years?!)-

The first is simple and has a soundtrack that's started by click/touching the green triangle, click/touch the picture to scroll through a little gallery-

This one is a little more interesting, as you scroll around it presents different "scenes" (there's also "cap" picks on the top and bottom. There's also sound- click/touch the hand to start the head to stop. I was seeing how synchronized multiple sounds are- not so much- but I'm going to explore multi-perspective story telling in this way :-D

And finally for now, no sound, just further exploring visuals in a 3d space-

All the art/audio work is my own, released under the Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

Let me know what you think.
18 December 2015 12:06
Wow, this looks amazing! Keep it up, wanna see more!

btw, are you using backface culling on purpose or you'd like your planes to render from both sides? If that's so, try turn OFF backface culling option under the Material tab in Rendering Options panel
20 December 2015 08:52
Thanks, I sure will be making more.

I am meaning to have the image plains only render in one direction- I'm having fun playing with how the plains disappear and reappear dramatically as you pan around, gives a sense of multiple sets- planning on further experiments with spheres around the start scene that can't be seen until you zoom out

And I haven't even started with interactivity yet!

Thanks again for all the work you folks have put into this, I see this enabling a lot of artists to do some amazing work!
21 December 2015 11:16
I see. Yeah, there's something in it

Well, good luck then! If you'll need any help, feel free to ask :)
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