Season's Greetings from Dassault Systèmes

21 December 2015 14:21
It seems wishing everybody a Merry Christmas with an interactive greeting card is becoming widespread. Dassault Group, a French company known for its Falcon, Mirage and Rafale aircrafts as well as the CAD software SolidWorks and CATIA, has decided to greet its customers with the upcoming holidays in a high-tech way.
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
23 December 2015 12:14
Wow… congratulation guys. it's impressive to realize that such a big company, developping tools like Catia, Solidworks or 3DVia are using your solution!! That's kind of disturbing when you know how expensive their solutions are… and they can't propose their own interactive Greeting card using them…
That makes us even more confident in our choice to work with your solution!
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
23 December 2015 12:23
Thanks David for your kind words, I couldn't have said it better.
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
22 September 2016 07:14
This is great!
Looks like they probably modeled it in Blender too

Nice work blend4web team
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