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27 November 2014 22:20 #529
28 November 2014 23:08 #542

We normally don't participate in third-party projects so I re-posted your proposal on BlenderArtists, webgljobs and in reddit. Let's see what it will come to

Also if you could divide your problem into some smaller parts (e.g. "my models are not visible", or "I'd like to script that thing" etc) we were able to help you without any payment
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29 November 2014 14:59 #544
29 November 2014 19:01 #547
Yea for some reason i exported my scene and only some objects appear. Also i imagine i cannot script for blend4web by adding a python controller so is the way to go about it external?

Please create a separate thread (threads) explaining the problem for our guys to pick it up.
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30 November 2014 14:19 #553
Sure, you may delete this thread entirely since i cannot
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