how to bulk copy objects with parent-child relationship?

23 December 2015 04:25
If i want to copy a group of object,such as the parent object,i hope i can copy it's child object.
Is there any b4w api i can use to bulk copy parent and child objects? In the "objects" module ,i find the "copy" function, but "copy" function can only do one object copy,must i traverse all child objects and copy them?
Please help!
23 December 2015 09:54

The "copy" function copies the object without his parent or children objects. If you want to copy object and his parent (or children), for the first, you should copy the object, copy the parent of this object, and then you should append copied parent to copied object, using the "constraints" module.

For example, you can use the append_stiff_trans_rot function.
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