Procedural textures not supported?

27 December 2015 20:31
If I create a material that uses a procedural texture (such as a Clouds texture), Blend4Web's performance drops to the point of being unusable - the scene never loads in the Viewer, just get's stuck around ~50%. Are procedural textures not yet supported?

Performance in the Viewer:

Node setup example:

(I'm using 15.11.0, have not upgraded to the very latest version yet)

P.S. I hope everyone from the Blend4Web team and B4W community had a merry Christmas. ;-)
28 December 2015 10:29

Are procedural textures not yet supported?
Yes, a procedural textures are not supported yet, it's in our TODO list, so maybe in future releases it can be exportable. But not so soon. For now you can bake your noise into simple b/w image.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
28 December 2015 10:45
Okay, thank you for confirming this. I will bake for now.
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