Installation and deleted files

27 December 2015 22:31
Is there a better way to install the newest update to Blend4web? I just downloaded the B4W SDK and unzipped it and replaced the files and folders in the 'blend4web_sdk_free' folder. However, I am using a Mac and unlike Windows, selecting 'replace existing files and folders' does not leave the personal newly created files under the Blender folder (.blend files, audio files, texture files, etc) and the 'app' folder untouched, but rather permanently deletes and replaces all folders/files with the B4W zipped content . To recover the personal project files was difficult and costly. Other than removing these files before unzipping, is there a better way to 'install' the upgrade?

Thanks for all your help,
28 December 2015 05:41
I actually was going to ask this very same question, as I also need to update to B4W 15.12 …on 5 different Macs! (Including work machines.)

I wish there were a way to either keep all user-created content outside of the SDK, or have an auto-update feature that would replace old B4W source files with new ones.

I name all my projects starting with "project_" so I can identify the ones made by me. But I think some files reside outside of the project folders. Some user-created files such as /deploy/apps/viewer/assets.json reside outside of the project folders. I don't have a good understanding of the structure of the SDK yet, so I'm concerned that I may miss something.

One other idea I had was to use Finder's Labels (OS X 10.8 and earlier) or Tags (OS X 10.9 and later) to mark all files and folders I know were created by me. Then make a duplicate copy of the entire SDK folder in some other location. Remove the old version of Blend4Web, and install the newest one. After that, copy back the marked files residing in the old version's SDK into the new version's SDK. One downside is that forgetting to mark an item means it won't get copied over.

These are the best ideas I've come up with, but I'm hoping there is a better way.
30 November 2016 21:49
I am also deeply concerned about this, I am not a Mac user, nor on on OSX, but having a mixed folder structure between 'binary' files/application data and user created content is a week point in the desing, I think.

Under Windows there is no such problem with overwriting files, but it certainly makes it harder and more error prone to upgrade.

It also forces you to use the pre-defined folder structure and store your personal files in the SDK location, where I would love to keep using my personal organized folder structure I can easily backup.
01 December 2016 11:09

I will explain what i do.
Before the update, i export my projects with the project manager.
I create a new folder with the Blend4Web update
I change the folder settings in blender.
I Re-import my projects via project manager
01 December 2016 14:21

In mac osx, you can press Alt key when drag folder for show the merge folders dialog.

When one button in project manager for upgrade b4w without risks?.

05 December 2016 19:51
Every time there is a new release,

1) I export all my projects from PM.
2) Open Blender and turn off the add on, close it.
3) rename the original folder Blend4web_ce_OLD.
4) put the new folder in it's place Blend4Web_ce
5) Turn the addon back on

Did you run out of space on your TB drive to keep a couple backup copies? ;) time for a drive clean up before you upgrade.

The export function keeps all the stuff.. For me some of my tests etc don't make it passed the previous folder but if I want to go back I always have everything.

It's a rapid release program here.. new release almost every month.. keep up!! :)
06 December 2016 10:44
hi all! we've updated the documentation and added a section explaining it step by step:
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